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Jeff is a wood carver who has had the pleasure to work with other wood carvers on collaborative tree stump carvings. These chainsaw wood carvers create not only carvings but stump carving that can be considered more like fine art then the term stump carving makes it sound. Wood sculptures is the more proper name for what these artists create. When these  custom wood carvings are for sale you better snatch them up because they are always one of a kind due to  the woods natural differing beauty.  The wood carver who made the wood sculptures is constantly learning from other wood carvers as he makes his wood sculptures. Also, stump carvings are inherently unique because their surroundings become a part of the sculpture as well. Wood carvers and chainsaw wood carvers are a little different. A wood carver doesn't  necessarily use a chainsaw like chainsaw wood carvers do. Also it is much easier to  do stump carving art with a bigger tool. Tree stump carving is not easy but takes less time for wood carvers with a chainsaw. If you see custom wood carvings for sale by the side of the road, they could be just as good as carvings for sale in a gallery. Many wood carvers bring their wood carvings for sale on the road with them in hopes of selling them. Custom wood carvings are Jeff's specialty. Custom wood carvings and stump carvings are created by chainsaw wood carvers. Chainsaw wood carvers prefer custom wood carvings and stump carvings because they are commissioned. Custom wood carvings for sale can take too long to sell. Wood carver, wood carvers and tree stump carving are all wood carvings for sale. Custom wood carvings chainsaw wood carvers, and their stump carving have wood carvings for sale. Custom wood carvings can be considered stump carving and they can be made by chainsaw wood carvers. Wood carver and tree stump carving custom wood carvings chainsaw wood carvers wood sculptures wood carvings for sale stump carving wood carver  making tree stump carving with chainsaw wood carvers and their wood sculptures are stump carvings.Wood carver Jeff has wood carvings for sale and these wood carvings for sale are custom wood carvings. Tree stump carving and stump carving are the same thing. Wood sculptures are made by chainsaw wood carvers. Jeff is a wood carver with custom wood carvings and wood sculptures. he is a wood carver with wood carvings for sale. Custom wood sculptures for sale. These wood carvings for sale are custom wood carvings made by Jeff.  He is a wood carver with wood sculptures for sale. Tree stump carving  also large tree stump carvings are available. Jeff loves making  meeting people for tree stump carving. Tree stump carving by chainsaw wood carvers who make wood sculptures can put their wood carvings far sale. .

created by . . . 

Jeffrey Michael Samudosky


 Jeff offers the opportunity to order custom wood sculptures that will attract visitors to your business and to enjoy at home with friends and family.

Please take a moment  to peruse Jeff's portfolio page to view a fraction of the sculptures Jeff has created over the course of his 20+ year sculpting career. If you don't see what you are looking for, that doesn't mean Jeff cannot create it for you. Every artists needs an inspiration, perhaps you are it! Please contact us with your sculpture ideas. 

If you are curious how Jeff got his start, that can be found on his artist page, and

we have also provided instructions on how to upkeep and care for your wood sculptures.

If you are more interested in immediate ownership of a wood sculpture or perhaps are in search of a one of a kind gift, please feel free to visit our online only Local Store where you can find art sculpted by Jeff as well as other artists. Sculptures may be picked up in McCleary, WA (sorry we do not ship from our local store at this time).