THANK YOU! Enjoy your JMS Wood Sculpture!​
Carvings are finished with a protective coating.
Here are some simple guidelines to follow once you get your carving home.
Indoor Carvings
  1. Keep the carving away from a heat source: such as heat registers, fireplaces, etc.
  2.  Keep the carving elevated slightly with wood strips or blocks. The carvings contain moisture, so they need to have airflow under them.
  3. You may never have to recoat this carving since it is indoors, but if it starts to discolor, then recoat with recommended products.

​Some small to midsized carvings have been fitted with temporary wood spacers for air flow. These wood blocks are removable/replaceable when needed.​

  1. Keep your carving’s base dry. Your carving should not come in direct contact with the ground. Use bricks, pavers, stones, gravel, pressure treated blocks, etc. under the carving to allow for airflow and drainage.

  2. The sun dries out carvings and can lead to excess drying and cracking. If possible, keep your carving under some type of shade; covered porches are ideal for outside display. If your carving sees frequent sun, extra recoating will be necessary.

  3. You will be the best judge to determine when to recoat the carving, signs are when the carving no longer repels water, looks dry, or starts to discolor, etc.

Maintenance Coating

The best time for recoating is during a forecast of 2-3 dry days.  Prepare by cleaning dirt and debris off your carving with a scrub brush, apply a recommended (or similar) product and let dry between coats. Regular maintenance, a minimum of once or twice a year, will help keep your carving looking great.

Recommended Products

Recoat your carving with a high quality exterior deck finish like the ones listed below:

Sikkens Cetol Log & Siding- Natural  (Benjamin Moore Paints)
Cabot’s Australian Timber Oil- Natural (Lowe’s, Ace Hardware)
Minwax Helmsman Spar Varnish- Satin. (Home Depot)


​       You have purchased a piece of wood. Similar to a log home, your carving will dry over time and may develop drying checks or cracks. This is normal and can add character to your carving. If the cracks are large and located in a critical spot, they can be repaired.
Contact JMS for pricing on repairs, and if you have any maintenace questions.

​​Carving Care